Taming His Mercenary

Here is a peak at THM in the Mercenary In Love series.
Damn that felt good. Almost better that fucking a tight ass. Christian thought to himself as he walked to his truck.
“Did you have to beat him up that badly?” Christian turned around at Rick’s question and smiled until he saw that Rick looked pissed off.
“He wasn’t going to talk.”
“How the fuck do you know that?” Rick yelled.
Christian took a step back, Rick never yelled unless he was really pissed off.
“What the fuck is your problem?” Christian needed to find out what the hell went wrong.
“You’re my fucking problem.” Rick shot back.
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
“It means I don’t know if I want to kiss you right now or punch you in the fucking face.” Christian took another step back, he had not seen that one coming.
“What do you mean kiss me?” When the hell did this happen?
“You’re not dumb Christian, you know exactly what I mean.”
“But why?”
“If you can’t figure that out then don’t worry about it.”
“Don’t worry about it? My best friend just told me he didn’t know if he wanted to kiss me or punch me and you tell me not to worry about it!” Christian was pissed the fuck off now. Why the hell did Rick have to say these things?
“You want to know why I want to kiss you because I fucking love you, but you’re so busy sticking your dick in everything else that you can’t see what the fuck is right in front of you.”
“Wow, where the hell is all of this coming from? Since when?”
Christian’s mind was reeling. He never thought of Rick in that way. He was too good for Christian and he never wanted to mess up their friendship.
“I have loved you for the past three years.” With that bombshell Rick turned around and went to his car. Oh, hell no. Christian followed behind him.
“You don’t get to run away after telling me some shit like that. Why now, why tell me now?”
Rick turned around and walked back to Christian getting into his face.
“Because I’m sick and fucking tired of waiting for you to see what the fuck is right in front of your face, Christian. I want what Chase has. I want someone I can share my burdens with, some who understands what I do for a living and not try to talk me out of doing something I love. But most of all I want the man I love to fucking love me back.”
Christian watched as Rick got in his car and drove away. How the hell did they get on the subject of love and how the hell was Christian supposed to respond to that?


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