So how is everybody this lovely weekend? I’m doing great! SO now that Taming His Mercenary is complete, I am working and Cherished Mate the third book in the Red Moon Pack aka Nicholas’s story. There will be some great surprises and twist and turns in this one. New people introduced! I will be posting another post for Mason’s story tomorrow and another one on Wednesday as well. I am seriously slacking on that one, but no more. After I finish Cherished Mate, I will start working on the next book in the Mercenary In Love story. After Taming His Mercenary there are two more books in the series originally three but I loved Christian and Rick so much that they got another book. THM is still on track to be released on October 10th and there will be sneak peeks from Christian and Rick’s story. Oh and I have a giveaway going on for His Mercenary, the first book in Mercenary In Love. The next giveaway will be for Taming His Mercenary, so watch for that one. Well that’s it for now, back to writing I go!


His Mercenary Winners!

Annnnnnnddddd the winners are:
Jodi Marinich
Madeleine Ruest
Denise Dechene
Steven Davis
Yay!! Awesome!! If you would be so kind as to email me at Vanessa.sims@aol.com with the format that you would like the book in that would be awesome. Please email me within the next 48 hours so that I can send it to you or I will have to pick someone else. Please don’t make me pick someone else.