Taming His Mercenary Excerpt!

Christian watched as Rick’s smile fell from his face as he took a seat at the table.
“What’s up?” Rick asked once he was seated.
“Christian followed you on your date tonight.”
“What the hell man?”
“Before you get bent out of shape you need to see this.”
Chase nodded at him and Christian passed his phone to Rick. Christian saw hurt, denial, and then rage flit through Rick’s eyes.
“I had no idea Elliot knew Logan,” Rick stated placing the phone on the table in front of him.
“None of us did. Elliot’s mother had an affair with Logan’s dad. The brothers found out about each other six months ago when their father died.” Chase stated.
“Do you think he knows who I am or about us?”
“Our guess is yes. How did you two meet?”
If Christian didn’t know any better, he would say Rick was blushing.
“After Christian and I argued, I got in my car and drove away. I ended up at a hole in the wall bar and started drinking. After a few drinks Elliot came in and caught my eye.
“Richard must have called someone after you guys left.” Chase theorized.
“Probably. Fuck, I have another date scheduled him in two days.”
“Keep it.”
“What? Chase you can’t be serious?” Christian asked outraged.
“Dead ass serious. Elliot is a way for us to get to Logan if all else fails.”
Christian understood what Chase was saying, but damn, he didn’t want Rick anywhere near Elliot. It was bad enough they’d already slept together.
“All right men, let’s get some rest tonight, we will take a fresh look at all this new information in the morning,” Chase said before he walked out of the room, Cameron following fast on his heels.
Christian looked across the table at Rick. The emotions playing in his eyes were alternating between anger and hurt. Christian knew why Rick would be angry, but not why he was hurt. Rick couldn’t have feelings for Elliot already.
“You couldn’t have known who he was. Hell, we didn’t even know Logan had a brother.” Their eyes collided when Rick finally looked up at Christian.
“Yeah, I know. What I want to know is why are you doing this to me?”
“Doing what?” Christian asked; his confusion clear to see on his face.
“First you tell me you don’t want to be with me, and then you kiss me, and now you’re following me on my dates. What do you want from me Christian?”
“I want to be with you.”
“That’s bullshit. Why now?” Rick asked as he started to pace the room.
“Because I was an idiot. I shouldn’t have turned you down. I was afraid that if we didn’t work out then I would lose my closest friend. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life Rick.” Christian stood and walked over to where Rick was standing.
“You wouldn’t lose me as friend Christian.” Rick’s shoulders drooped.
“Hey, I thought you would be happy that I want to be with you.”
“What if I told you it was too late? That I couldn’t stand it if you changed your mind again later on down the line.” Rick said, looking into Christian’s eyes. Staring back, Christian hoped that none of those things were true.
“Then I would have to change your mind. I’ve been told I can be very persuasive.” Christian wiggled his eyebrows and Rick laughed, as he’d intended him to.
“What am I going to do with you?” Rick asked, shaking his head.
“Love me,” Christian said with a grin. He would make this relationship work or die trying. It would be so easy to fall in love with Rick. Christian just hoped that Rick wouldn’t stop loving him once he got to know him on an intimate level.
“Such a smart ass. Are you going to kiss me or talk to me all night?”
Christian didn’t have to be told twice. He leaned his head forward and touched his lips to Rick’s. Damn, his mouth feels good on mine. Christian thought to himself. Pulling away before things got out of hand he looked into Rick’s passion glazed eyes.
“Your room or mine?”


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