Teaser Thursday!

This is from Cherished Mate! Keep in mind it is still begin edit, but wanted to give you guys a sneak peek!

Anton scanned his surroundings, as he pulled up to the house in the middle of east bumble fuck. This was the first house he passed in the last fifteen minutes. Something pulled him to this location, it had been three days after he talked to the guys, but this morning his gut told him, he was almost out of time. What he was almost out of time for was anyone’s guess.
He knew he was on the outskirts of Springs, he had maybe another fifteen minutes before he crossed the county lines. Getting out of his car, he sniffed the air, on the air he smelled the outdoors, and a hint of fear and sorrow. What the fuck? Taking a fortified breath, Anton went up the steps and knocked on the door. When he pulled in, he thought no one was home, but before he knocked on the door, he heard whispered voices. When the door swung open he placed a pleasant smile on his face. The man who opened it looked tired at first glance, but as Anton study the man who knew something wasn’t right. The scent of fresh blood waft off of him.
“I’m sorry to bother you, but I think I’m lost. I wanted to know if I could use your phone, my cell isn’t getting any bars.”
“Where are you headed?” The man asked as he blocked the door.
Interesting. Anton relaxed his body and continued to smile at the man. “I’m headed to Springs for a job interview at the police station. They gave me directions, but I think I made a wrong turn. I just need to call and let them know I’m going to be a little late.”
The man studied Anton for what seemed like forever, then stepped aside to let him in.
“It’s in the kitchen through that door.”
Anton followed the man’s direction and went to the phone hanging on the wall. Picking it up, he called Jeremy.
“Yes, hello. I have an interview with police chief Marshall, in about an hour, can you let him know I’m running a little late.” He said after Anton picked up.
It was a good thing he knew the police chief’s name, just in case the man knew who he was and figured out that Anton was lying about the job interview. He felt edgy and his wolf was ready to come out to defend himself against any threat and the man was a threat.
“Okay, thank you.” He said to Jeremy before he hung up the phone. Turning to the man he smiled. “Thanks for letting me use your phone. Do you know how to get to Springs from here?”
Anton nodded his head as the man gave him directions. He walked back to his car and drove turned left to continue going to Springs. He would be back that was for sure. Whatever was calling to him was in that house and he was sure it was a shifter. He wasn’t stupid enough to try to get the wolf out by himself and there may be more than one shifter there and there were at least two humans there. He needed help and he knew just where to get it.
Nicholas held his breath as the front door opened and closed again. When he heard the car pull up, he thought it was his ticket out of here. He heard what Sam and the unknown visitor talking, but after a short period the man left. Unless it was another shifter no one would know he was in the room right down the hall from them. He wanted to call out, but seeing as though one of the Hunters held a knife over his heart while he was strapped to a metal table, he didn’t make a sound. There wasn’t any hope for him. He closed his eyes and waited for Sam to come back.
Nicholas wondered every time he was brought upstairs, if it would be the time that Sam said fuck it and ended everything for him, God he hoped this was that time.
“Thank you for waiting for my return. Now where was I, but first.”
Nicholas didn’t open his eyes when Sam came back into the room, and not when he felt a tiny sting in his left arm. He figured Sam had given him the same shot he gave him the first time Nicholas came into this room. The shot was designed to keep him from shifting. He knew his wolf was there, but he couldn’t feel or hear him.
This is it, he thought to himself as he felt the cold scalpel dig into his ribs. He never made a sound when Sam cut him up, not even when the chained him to a wall and the Hunters beat the hell out of him. He wondered how long he would be strapped to the metal table this time.
Anton turned off the main road onto a dirt path. He knew he was in the right place when a white wolf darted out in front of his car. Slamming on the brakes, Anton got out of his car.
“I need to speak with your Alpha,” he stated to the wolf.
He watched as the wolf turned into a very naked man. If his shifting was anything like Anton’s then he felt no pain from shifting from one form to the next.
“I am the Alpha of this pack.” The man stated and Anton felt the Alpha power coming off of him in waves. He knew the man was waiting for him to submit to him, but Anton knew that he could take this man and wolf. He didn’t want to cause any problems and he damn sure didn’t want to take over any ones pack. He looked over the man’s left shoulder.
“I’m Anton, and I was on my way over here to introduce myself,”
“How long have you been in town?” The Alpha asked interrupting him.
“I’m not from here. I have a pack of my own of six wolves north of here, but that’s not the point.”
Anton watched as the naked man raised an eyebrow. “Oh, then what is?”
“On my way over here, I came across a house in the middle of nowhere and they had a wolf there.”
When Anton’s back hit the hood of his car and the man above him growled, he growled back. He didn’t want to fight, but he would defend himself and win.
“Get your fucking hands off of me.” Anton stated calmly, when he was feeling anything but calm. His wolf was ready to show this Alpha who were the stronger of the two.
“Not until you tell me where my brother is.”


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