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Head in the game!

So, I need to start focusing. I have one more holiday to get through then it’s back to writing I go. Good thing I won’t be starting from scratch with two of my books. Freeing His Mercenary is sitting at 6378 words. I know right,¬†Christian and Rick need to get their acts together so we can finish this with a lot more words. Mason, the first book in The Asher Brother’s series is sitting at 4915, but that one is not due out until March. Now Beloved Mate is sitting at a big goose egg, 0. They need to start talking fast or we might have some problems. I also have to touch up on the first four books in the Red Moon Pack Series as well. I need¬†a miracle.

What has Vanessa been up to?

Hello wonderful people,
First off Happy Holidays! Last month and this month have been busy months for me. Who ever decided to put two major holidays back to back needs to be talked to! I’ve been writing away at some projects. I am still working on Freeing His Mercenary, the third book in the Mercenary In Love series and the continuation of Christian and Rick’s story. So hopeful I can get that out by late January because there is no way I can get it out this month unless I get magic writing/editing/publishing powers. I am also working on a short story for a box set that will be coming out the summer of 2015. I’m working with some great authors on that one and I am super excited for that to be published. Umm what else, I am also working on adding/editing the first four books in the Red Moon Pack series. Hopefully I can make them longer and clear up a few things that have been brought to my attention by some wonderful people. The first four books will be a box set, then the fifth book Beloved Mate will be coming out right after that. I am also working on a ranch series, there is something about cowboys.
So that is what I have been up to and I will try to post more Couple of the day and love quotes.
Thanks for all the support!