So I have a spot of bad news. Haha I always wanted to use spot in that way, but I am going to have to push back the dates of my books. My editor just had a recent death in the family. If you can keep her in your thoughts and prayers that would be great. When I get dates you will get dates.

The books are coming along great and if you are a big fan of the Red Moon Pack, you will love the rewrites for the first four books. I know for sure I will be changing the first two books around, same out come, but a different way of getting there. The last two I might just make longer no real big changes.

And for the Mercenary in Love series, well Christian and Rick are doing great, they just need to be typed up. I’m old school most of the time, using pen and paper. But after Christian and Rick Killian will be getting his story. Can’t wait to write his story.

Thanks so much for you patience  and support, you will never know how truly grateful I am for it.


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