Simple Saturday: May 23, 2015

In recent events, I just moved. Yay!, NO, let me tell you, moving is a beast. First you have to find a place you want to live, and hope that it’s still on the market and don’t look at places before you are actually ready to move because you get your heart set on one place and then when you are ready to move somebody else moved there. Son of a sea biscuit. That happened a few times.

Okay now you found the place you want to live, you need to apply for the place. What makes someone not get a place to live? Random thought.

Then after you pay the deposit, then the first month or pro rated rent, you get your keys.

Now the old place you lived in, you have to pack everything, realize that you have a boat load of stuff, let the property manager know your moving, then go through a checklist of things you need to do, in hopes of getting your deposit back.

After you did all of that, and move everything to the new place, you have to unpack. Which you didn’t like the packing part to begin with, now you have to unpack everything you just recently put into boxes and garbage bags. (Don’t judge me, I ran out of boxes.)

As your unpacking you take back that fact that you have a boat load of stuff, you start thinking you have a shit ton of stuff and you don’t no where to put all of it.

Besides the moving part, you need to change everything with the old address on it. You realize that you give your address to a lot of people and hope to beans that you didn’t forget anybody.

Now your done packing, and changing your address, you pray that you don’t move for a really long time.


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