Teaser Tuesday: A Fighter’s Heart

“Dom.” Holly’s voice pulled him from his thoughts.

“Oh, Summer stopped by out of the blue, stating that I was Emilia’s father. I even found a paternity test inside the diaper bag she gave me.”

“Did you know she was pregnant with your kid?”

“Hell no. Are you calling me a dead beat dad?” He asked careful not to raise his voice. He did not need for Emilia to wake up crying.

“That’s not what I’m saying at all. I just needed to ask.” Holly stated before sitting next to them on the couch.

“What the hell am I going to do Holls? I don’t know anything about tiny kids.” He whispered to his manager and best friend.

“First, you’re going to have to stop cussing.”

“What the hell?” Dominic stared at her in horror. He was the World Heavy Weight Champion in Mixed Martial Arts. He needed to drop a few f bombs to get his point across.

“Kids pick up on that quickly.”

“We don’t even know if she’s my kid.” He grumbled.

“All the same. I’ve been telling you, you need to stop cussing because of the kids you’re around at the center.”

She had been telling him that, but he wasn’t incline to listen.

“Do you want her to be your child?” Holly asked in a soft voice.

Dominic hadn’t stopped to think on that question. “I don’t know.” He answered honestly.

“Okay, so here’s what we’re going to do. Tomorrow morning we’re going to get a paternity test. If she turns out to be yours we are going to get everything you will need to get you two settled.”

Holly was right. There wasn’t anything Dominic could do about it now until he knew for sure. “Thanks Holls. I want to go to sleep, but I’m scared to move.”

“Don’t tell me a little toddler has the World Heavy Weight Champion scared to wake her.” Holly giggled.

“He… Heck yeah. Did you hear the lungs on her?” He was trying with the cursing.

“Great save. Here I’ll take her to your room. Have you changed her diaper or feed her?”

Dominic stared at Holly in horror, change a diaper. “Uh no.”

“You are too much right now.” Dominic held his breath as Holly took Emilia from his chest. When it looked like Emilia was going to cry, Holly started talking to her, while rocking her.

What the hell was he going to do now?


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