Cover Reveal: A Fighter’s A Heart

A Fighters Heart E-Book Cover

Image by Jasminko Ibrakovic

Cover Art by Kellie Dennis at Book Cover by Design
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“Have you talked to Harvey recently?”

Riley Hall stopped his grocery cart in the middle of the aisle. Oliver’s tone of voice told him he needed to pay close attention to his next words.

“No, I haven’t spoken to him lately. I thought he was out of town with the Robertson’s this week.”

Riley, Harvey, and Oliver worked  together for an at home manny service. Each with their own clients. Harvey should have been at the beach with the Robertson’s. Lucky bastard.

“I think you need to talk to him along with Mr. and Mrs. Marshall.”

Riley’s ears perked up at the name of his clients. They had a little boy and girl, Alicia and Tanner, who were six and three. He had been with them since Tanner had been eighteen months.

“Why do I need to talk to them Oliver?”

Today had been Riley’s day off, it wasn’t uncommon for the families to use another person from the manny service. He had decided to go grocery shopping, he could only live off of noodles for so long. He didn’t think he needed to worry about his clients.

“I got a call from Harvey today. He told me the Marshall’s wanted to keep him on full time.” Oliver stated matter of fact.

“That son of a sea biscuit. He knew, he knew, I’ve been trying to get on full time with them.”

When a client liked one of the mannies services, they normally took them on full time. Making it so that they worked exclusively with that client.

“Really Ry? If there were ever a time to use the word bitch, now would be that time.” Oliver chuckled.

Riley had needed to curb his tendency to use sentence enhancers, better known as curse words. He found out quickly that kids will repeat whatever you said.

“Shut up, this is serious.” Riley admonished as he started pushing his cart again.

“I know, that’s why you need to use grown up words.”


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