Simple Saturday: May 30, 2015

So let me set the mood for you. I am sitting at my computer, listening to my Google Play, while I get the post ready for Teaser Thursday. My two girls are sitting in the living room with me. There minding there business on the couch. The oldest is watching television, while the youngest is writing in one of my notebooks. Everything is going well.

Until I hear my son screaming “mommy, mommy” frantically. I get up to see what’s wrong, when he is running from the bathroom, fixing his clothes.

Me: What’s the matter?

Son: The bathroom scared me.

So, now I’m curious.

Me: What scared you?

I ask as I walk towards the closed bathroom door. Maybe it was a bug or fly.

Son: The toilet scared me.

Now, I’m trying to contain my laughter. I look at the toilet and the lid is closed. So I state logically.

Me: Maybe when you stood up it the lid closed on you. It’s okay.

He looks at me then the toilet before saying okay. As we are leaving the bathroom, the microwave timer goes off, letting me know my tater tots are almost done. He announces this to me like we did not just have to investigate the bathroom.

Now let’s fast forward 20 minutes.

I’m in the kitchen while I finish fixing my food. When I hear my oldest say, “Wow, you’re strong let’s do that again.” “What the hell,” comes from me, because she’s talking to a three year old. How strong can he be? I go investigate and find my oldest laying on the couch, while my son tries to pull the pillow from under her head. Both of them are cracking up.

I look around the room because there is a child missing. I go look in the bedrooms and find her sitting on my son’s bed coloring in his coloring book with her back to me.

Me: What are you doing?

Youngest: Looks at me before throwing the coloring book and crayon, then pushing it away from her for good measure. Slide off the bed, then run into the living room as if she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Kids, I tell you!


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