Teaser Tuesday: A Fighter’s Heart 2016 (Unedited)

Dom waited for Riley to say which one, but he didn’t. Dom slowly walked around Riley, while keeping one hand his shoulder so he wouldn’t fall. As his eyes roamed Riley’s perfect body incased in his leather pants and tank top, Dom saw a lump in one of his back pockets. He fished out the keys and hoped it was in his imagination when he heard Riley moan.

“Let’s get you home.” Dom stated, wrapping an arm around Riley’s waist.

“Will you tuck me in?” Riley asked leaning further into Dom’s body.

“Sure, now where did you park?”

“On the street,” for whatever reason, maybe because he was drunk, Riley thought that was hilarious, and begun to laugh.

Dom picked a direction when he realized Riley wouldn’t be any help in finding his own car. He started to walk and hoped that was the way where Riley parked.

“You’re strong.”

“Thank you.”

“And sexy.”

Well damn. “Thank you again.” Dom found Riley’s car parked a block away from the club. He place Riley in the passenger seat before going to the driver’s side and taking them home. As they drove, some female singer started singing and Riley slurred the words, singing along.

“Holy, fucking hell,” Dom shouted when he felt Riley’s hand start to slide up the inside of his leg. He dropped one hand from the steering wheel onto Riley’s seeking hand.

“Did you know the first time I saw you I wanted to lick every inch of your body?” Dom groaned at Riley’s words.

“How about we stay quiet?” Dom gritted between his teeth. “Why don’t you get some rest?”

“At night I dream of you fucking me through the mattress.”

“Oh fucking hell,” Dom’s cock perked up at Riley’s words and the images that started playing in his mind.

Almost home, almost home. Dom tried to tune out the rest of Riley’s sexually charged words. He breathed a sigh of relief when he pulled into the drive way. After turning the car off, Dom went to help Riley out of the car. Dom walked to the door and paused to get his keys.

“You’re going to have to be quiet when we go in. Holly’s sleeping on the sofa.”

“Okay, got it. Shhh.”

Dom held in his laughter as Riley put one finger to his lips, making the shushing noise. He opened the door and made a beeline for Riley’s bedroom. Once they were inside, Dom sat him on the bed.

“You said you would tuck me in.” Dom stared at Riley in horror, he didn’t know if he had that much self-control to get Riley ready for bed.

“You’re right I did.”

Dom pushed Riley’s shoulder until his back hit the bed. Unzipping Riley’s pants, Dom grinded his teeth when Riley moaned. “Oh, fuck me,” Dom muttered to himself when Riley’s pants opened. He wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“I need you to lift your hips.” Dom groaned when Riley complied, his wonderful cock pushing into the air as if searching for Dom’s mouth or hand. He kneeled in front of Riley making quick work of taking of his shoes and pants. He was tempted in saying to hell with undressing Riley, but he had come this far. He could control himself. He stood looking down at Riley, who had his eyes closed and a silly grin on his face.

“You can touch me; I won’t complain.” Riley whispered.

“Let’s just take your shirt off, then you can get some rest.”

“Mmm… okay.”

Dom quickly took off Riley’s shirt before lifting him to pull the covers from under him. That was his mistake. Riley wrapped his arms around Dom’s neck, hanging on for dear life. Dom tried really hard not to let the naked man have an effect on his body. He was losing that battle slowly. Once the bed was ready for Riley, Dom tried to get him to unwrap his arms from around his neck causing Riley to wrap his legs around his waist as well. Fucking hell. He bent his body laying Riley across the bed and moaned when Riley’s warm lips touched the side of his neck.

“Riley, you need to stop,” Dom breathed heavily as Riley’s teeth sank into his neck.

“But you taste so good.” Riley stated between licks. He unwrapped his arms from his neck, but kept his legs tightly wrapped Dom’s waist.

Dom felt Riley’s hands reach under his shirt caressing him. He held in the shudder that tried to take over his body. Dom was torn, he needed to stop the sensual assault on his body, but if he moved his hands, his body would be flushed against Riley’s.

“You’re skin feels amazing, and I knew you would have a very defined six pack.” Riley slurred before he laid his head back onto the bed. As he stared into his eyes, Dom knew what was about to happen next. He didn’t stop Riley from pulling his head towards him and pressing their lips together softly. He moaned when Riley’s tongue licked the seam of his lips. Opening for him, Dom heard the moan that escaped Riley’s mouth. Dom could taste the alcohol he drank tonight. He needed to stop. Dom took a moment to enjoy the feeling of Riley’s mouth on him, he was not a saint, before he extracted Riley from his body. Standing he looked at the pout on Riley’s face.

Copyright © Vanessa Sims, 2016


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