Flash Fiction Friday: May 6, 2016


“Why would you even say that?” I ask as I lean forward, my head resting on his nose.

“Well, it’s true. She should not have worn that outfit.” My fiancé replies with a chuckle.

“You and I know that, but honestly did you have to let her know that.”

“Yes, love. You do not mix polka dots, with animal print. Somebody need to let her know, so she wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.”

“But there was a nicer way to tell my mother that.” I chuckle, pulling back to look into his laughing eyes.

“I know, and there is a way to act like you like me when you don’t. She’s horrible at pretending she likes me. I know she’s secretly waiting for a doctor to come into your life.”

“Oh, hush you. I don’t want a doctor, I want you.”

“Awe, I love you too.”



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