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A Fighter’s Heart Blog Story

This would take place right before Dom’s charity match with Zachery.

“Dom, we have thirty minutes to get out the door and to the doctor’s office,” Riley called out as he grabbed Emilia to take her to the truck.

“Adba da bebe.” Emilia smiled at Riley.

“I’m here.”

Riley sucked in a sharp breath at the sound of Dom’s voice directly behind him.

“Dang it, Dominic,” Riley growled turning to glare at Dom. “How many times do I need to tell you not to sneak up on me?”

“And how many time do I need to tell you, you shouldn’t say my full name with ill intent?” Dom said with a grin.

“Oh bite me.”

“Dada, dada,” Emilia chanted as she reached for Dom.

“Hey, beautiful girl. You ready to go to the big bad doctor?” Dom asked as he bounced Emilia in the air causing her to laugh in joy.

“Oh, hush. Going to the doctor is not that bad.”

“What if she needs to get s-h-o-t?” Dom whispered.

“Dom, she can’t spell. You can say the word.” Riley laughed.

“Still, you’re going to be the one to hold her if she does have to get shots.” Dom shuddered as he said the last word.

“You aren’t seriously afraid of needles? You get punched in the face for a living.”

“There is a big difference between taking a hit to the body, and getting stabbed with a pointy object,” Dom declared.

“Wow. Okay, you big baby let’s go.” Riley smiled to himself at the glare Dom threw him before turning to walk out to his truck.

Riley got into the passenger seat as Dom put Emilia into her car seat before getting in the driver seat.

“Are the guys coming over this weekend?” Riley asked Dom when he passed through the gate.

“I think so, but we both know Xavier and Zach will pop up at any given moment.”

Riley chuckled because Dom was right. They sat in silence, apart from when Riley hummed along to the songs that came on the radio. Soon they were pulling into the parking lot of the doctor’s office.

Riley took Emilia into the waiting room while Dom checked her in. Riley sighed in relief when there was only another man and woman sitting there. He hoped that meant they wouldn’t have a long wait to get in to see the doctor. Riley took Emilia from her stroller and was bouncing her on his knee when a deep voice spoke behind him.


Riley looked up to find his lover walking toward them. The smile on his face slipping.


Dom groaned when he spotted Roy sitting behind Riley. With how happy he was with Riley, and before then, Dom had forgotten to give his old lover a call to let him know everything had worked out for him.

Dom’s eyes moved from Roy to Riley. Riley had raised an eyebrow at the stunned look; Dom was sure he was sporting. Dom looked back at Roy who had gotten close to them.

“So what brings you here sexy?” Roy asked with a hint of lust in his voice.

Dom held in another groan as he caught the glare Riley shot his way. “I brought my daughter in for a checkup.”

“Nice,” Roy stated with a nod of his head. “I see you got everything settled. I’m a little hurt; I thought I would have gotten a phone call by now.”

“Oh really?” Riley questioned.

Roy must not have heard him or decided to ignore him because he continued to talk. “Where is she?”

“Yes, Dominic, where is she?” Riley growled.

Oh, fucking hell.

“Oh.” Roy startled, looking down at Riley before his eyes moved to Emilia.

“She’s cute. I hadn’t gotten a good look at her that night she was dropped off.”

“Thanks.” Dom cleared his throat. “This is my partner Riley.”

“Oh … oh.”

“I would say it’s a pleasure, but I’m on the fence about that,” Riley greeted with a fake smile.

Roy looked shocked for a moment before he spoke. “I don’t poach on anybody’s man. A phone call would have been great, but I get it,” Roy stated before looking back at Dom. “It was great seeing you. I’m glad you have somebody.”

“Thanks, Roy.”

Riley huffed as the other man moved back to his seat. Dom sat next to Riley, who had turned to look the other way. “Come on Ry, that was in the past.”

Riley turned back to glare at Dom. “I know that, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Dom understood that. He hadn’t like Gabriel, and that was only one past lover. Dom knew he wouldn’t like anybody that had been intimate with his partner.

“How about I make it up to you tonight?”

Before Riley could answer a nurse called out, “Emilia Bennett?”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Riley whispered as he walked pass Dom, pushing Emilia’s stroller.

With a lecherous grin, Dom followed Riley. He knew of the perfect way for his lover to know that he was the only one for him.


Copyright © Vanessa Sims, 2017


The Journey to Their Sanity: Brian and Kade 1

“Babe, don’t forget I’ll be running late tonight.”

Kade looked up from the note he was making to himself to buy milk and eggs, at his husband Brian’s words. “I know you have interviews for a new bartender tonight. See I remembered,” Kade stated with a grin. His smile grew as the sound of Brian’s deep chuckle made it to his ears.

“You can’t fault me for making sure. It’s better to remind you then to have you plotting my death.”

“I only did that twice in the ten years we’ve been together and none of them in the past five since we’ve tied the knot.” Kade laughed when Brian only raised an eyebrow at him. “I’ll never tell how many times I’ve truly plotted.”

“I know love.” Brian leaned down, giving Kade a kiss on the forehead. “What do you guys have planned for today?” Brian asked as he straightened before sitting down next to Kade on the bed.

“Josh has practice tonight, then after since you won’t be home until late, we’ll probably go out for pizza and ice cream,” Kade answered as he absently toyed with Brian’s fingers.

Brian groaned before stating, “Now I feel bad. I didn’t know Josh had practice. I should reschedule.”

“Love, don’t worry about it, you’ll be there for the game on Saturday, and that’s all Josh cares about,” Kade tried to sooth his husband.

“I don’t know maybe Beth can do the interviews.”

“No, you do the interviews, and come back home as quickly as possible, and then Josh can tell you how practice went. We both know how particular you are when it comes to who works at the Naked Lunch.”

Brian sighed to himself. “You’re right. I’ll figure out a way to make it up to both of you guys.”

Kade knew there wasn’t any point in arguing with his husband. Once he had an idea in his head, Brian was like a dog with a bone. And if he felt like he let his family down, he would be more determined to make amends.

“Okay, enough with the chitchat. It’s time for you to get going. It’s not okay for one of the owners to be late for work,” Kade informed Brian.

“Hardy har har. If you wanted me gone, that’s all you had to say.”

Kade tilted his back when Brian leaned forward to give him a goodbye kiss. “Have a good night at work,” Kade whispered across Brian’s lips. His husband gave him one last kiss before standing from the bed.

“Have fun at practice, and if you meet a hot young man, tell him it’s a package deal, and I’m not talking about the kids.” Brian winked.

Kade chuckled while swatting at Brian. “Of course we’re a package deal.” Kade smiled to himself as he smacked his husband’s butt when he turned to leave. He loved that they were secure in their relationship and able to joke, without the other getting jealous.

“I’ll call you tonight to let you know how things are going,” Brian called over his shoulder.

“Sure thing, love.”

Kade heard the front door open and close, followed by the sound of Brian’s motorcycle roaring to life.

“Dad, Kristina keeps taking my action figures and saying they’re hers.”

Kade fell back onto his bed and groaned as tiny feet rushed toward him following Peyton’s words.

“And so it begins,” he mumbled to himself.


Brian took a moment to take a few deep breaths after he parked his motorcycle in the back of the Naked Lunch. He hated missing out on practices, plays, school activities, or family time. To him, it felt like he was letting them down, and he never wanted to do that, but Kade had made a valid point.

Brian took another minute to collect himself before getting off his bike and entering the Naked Lunch. The bar was his and Kade’s pride and joy. Although Brian was the one who worked the day to day of everything to do with the bar, they were still equal partners.

Brian was happy to take care of everything because it gave Kade the chance to be home with the kids.

“Hey boss man, you made it right on time, your first interview will be here in thirty minutes,” Beth called from the bar.

“Thanks, I’ll be back in the office. Come get me when they get here.”

“Sure thing boss man.”

Brian headed toward the back where his office was and took a seat behind his desk. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he needed to make tonight up to Josh. Even though Brian knew Josh wouldn’t make much of a fuss about Brian missing his practice, it still weighed heavy on him.

He needed to shake his mood before the first interviewee came in. He already hated conducting them, and to add on that he was missing something important didn’t help matters. Not for the first time, Brian wished he wasn’t about to lose Beth to medical school, but he wouldn’t begrudge anybody a better chance at life and doing something they loved.

Brian took one last deep breath before powering up his computer. Maybe he could find something for the family to do together on Sunday.


Copyright © Vanessa Sims, 2017