Coming Soon

Red Moon Pack Series
Unexpected Mate

MMA Series (Untitled)
Book 2

Mercenary In Love Series
Loving His Mercenary

Asher Brothers


12 thoughts on “Coming Soon”

  1. I enjoyed your story HIS MERCENARY. I always appreciate a new writer and getting to know their style and characters. I look forward to more adventures and background development for these guys!
    God bless and good wishes on your writing career!

  2. OMG!! I just live the red moon pack series!! I cant wait to read cherished mate!! Im SUPER PUMPED for it!!! Hope it comes out soon!!

  3. I love the red moon pack series will there be more to come? I hope so. Keep writing great books like this and I will be one of your greatest fans.

  4. Hi there! I am trying to locate an e-book copy of Cherished Mate. Would you please advise how i can buy your book? The links next to the book display do not work for me. Thanks!

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