5 star review from fellow author Lisa Oliver.
“This is a gorgeously sweet, hot and slightly unusual twist on the typical male wolf shifter mates story. The two characters are believable in their angst and when one makes a decision that will impact the other, then – well it’s time to take action. A great short read and recommended :)”

Fated Mate

Available for your enjoyment.

What would you do if the man destined to be your mate tells you he is going to look for another mate? You make him see the error of his ways.
Ethan and Isaiah are Beta’s in the Red Moon pack.
They are best friends and mates.
They have denied their wolves for five years.
One fateful night Ethan tells Isaiah he’s looking for another mate.
Isaiah will stop at nothing to be with his mate.
A scorned female will kill to keep the mate she always wanted.


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