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Teaser Tuesday: Devil Assailants 18+ (Unedited)

“Oh… fuck… Devil.”

Charles “Devil” Gray pounded into the man laying beneath him. Sweat dripped down his face as he kept up the steady pace. Grabbing Kevin’s legs, Devil rested them on the crook of his elbows, pulling him closer.

“Oh fuck, right there.”

Devil knew with this new angel, he rub against Kevin’s prostate on every inward and outward stroke. Panting, he worked his cock in and out of the warm tight opening, his orgasm close. Pulling out, Devil turned Kevin onto his stomach. “Get on all fours.” He growled, waiting for him to comply before sliding back in. Grabbing Kevin’s hips, Devil picked up where he left off.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck.”

“Stroke your cock and cum for me.”

Sliding his hand between his legs, Kevin did as instructed. Devil felt the first signs of his orgasm approaching and if Kevin didn’t get off when Devil did, he would have to do something to let him come to completion. That wasn’t Devil’s thing. His lover’s new that they needed to cum when he did. When he felt Kevin’s ass tightening around his covered cock, he knew he was about to come. He grunted as his orgasm tore threw him and heard his lover scream as he came beneath him. Breathing heavily, Devil waited until he came down from his orgasmic bliss before pulling out. Hand at the base of his cock to keep the condom on.

“That was amazing.” Kevin breathed as he turned onto his back.

It had been okay, but Devil wasn’t going to pop the dude’s bubble. “I got a meeting that I need to get to. When I get back you need to be gone.”

Kevin only glared, he knew the score, knew it would be in his best interest if he was gone by the time Devil got back. He didn’t like people in his personal space for long, they tended to get attached, waiting around for him. That was a no go. Walking to the bathroom, he disposed of the condom before wiping himself down. Redressing, Devil walked out of his room and went to the conference room, Kevin already forgotten. Going to the head of the table, he looked at the men already sitting there. Devil pounded his gavel on the table to get the men’s attention.

“There’s a shipment coming in two days. Joker, I want you to pick four men to take with you. One of them needs to be a newbie.” Devil stated before looking at his road captain.

“Sure thing Devil.”

“Also, someone needs to go to the club to handle a dispute between three members of the staff.”

“I’ll get someone on that.” Sarge stated from the left side of him.

“Are we set for the cookout in three days?”

“My old lady has everything organized. No problems there.” Slim stated.

Devil nodded before continuing, “We know it’s for the kids before they go back to school. So let’s try to keep all the sordid shit for after the kids leave.” He waited until he got nods from his men before speaking again. “Dues are due in two weeks, anybody who can’t pay needs to let me know quickly. Anything else?”

Devil looked around the table as everyone shook their heads no. “Let’s give them hell.” He stated before pounding the gavel. “If anybody needs me, I’ll be in the back.”

He didn’t wait for a reply before heading out the door. Walking to his bedroom, Devil frowned before closing the door. “I thought I said you needed to be gone by the time my meeting was over.”

“Come on Devil we both know that’s not what you want.” Kevin bounded from the bed moving closer to him.

Devil’s hand quick as lightening reached out and wrapped around his neck. Slamming Kevin against the wall, Devil crowded into his body. “Don’t fucking tell me what I want. The next time I tell your ass to be gone, your ass better had fucking disappeared.” Devil sealed it with a harsh kiss before stepping away. “When I want to fuck your tight ass again, I’ll come look for you. Now get the fuck out of my sight.”

“Fuck you Devil.” Kevin panted trying to catch his breath.

“If you’re fucking lucky.”

Devil turned his back and walked towards the bathroom. He placed his cut on the back of the chair outside the door. Shedding his clothes, Devil turned on the shower before getting in. When the fuck are you going to settle down and stop fucking these groupies? Devil snorted at his thought. He needed to find someone to settle down with, but he had a feeling even if he did that wouldn’t stop the groupies he fucked from trying to use his name and get in his good graces. Whoever got the title of being his would have to deal with this shit and though people said he was a cold hearted bastard, Devil couldn’t find it in himself to put anybody through that. He just needed to choose his conquest more thoroughly from here on out. The man he needed would be able to go tit for tat with him, and take his bullshit, while calling him on it, Devil would keep that man. Not only that but the man would need to have an iron will because of the shit he had to deal with, sometimes on a daily bases. So far all he found for his troubles were men trying to use him for his status as President of the Devil Assailants. As soon as he found that man, Devil would put his property cut on him in a heartbeat.

Cleaning his body, Devil got out of the shower and went to his bedroom. His eyes zeroed in on his property cut hanging on the wall. Yeah, it seemed like it would be hanging there a while yet. Devil shook his head before dressing quickly and walking to his office. Taking a seat behind his desk, he pulled up the club’s books on the computer, when someone knocked on the door.

“Who the fuck is it?” Devil growled at the door, his moment of wishful thinking long gone.

“It’s me.” Devil’s vise president stated through the door before opening it. “I got the list of contractors you needed for the new houses you wanted to build on the property.”

Devil took the list from Brick before looking over the five names on the list. “And each company has worked on big projects before?” Devil asked placing the list in front of him, not one company standing out to him.

“All except for King’s Construction.”

“Then why the fuck did you put them on the list?” Devil asked raising his eyebrow.

“Because the shit they have done are fucking top notch. So I figured we scoop them up if you like what they have going before somebody else does.” Brick argued, crossing his arms across his chest.

“I swear to God, if it was anybody else, I would have been ripped their head off.”

“You know I’m right, so quit your fucking belly aching. I already had Slim call them all, you have appointments with the first three tomorrow and the last two, the day after that.”

“Got it.” Devil answered before looking back at the list ending their conversation. They needed to find the best company to build the new house for new club members or if someone needed a place to crash, for a night or to land back on their feet. They also needed to do it all within a timely matter. Devil didn’t see how King’s Construction fell into that category if they haven’t worked on big projects before. Maybe Brick is right, the club should give them a shot. Devil shook his head, before placing the list to the side, he’ll worry about that tomorrow.

Devil powered on his computer, getting down to club business.

Copyright © Vanessa Sims, 2016