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Welcome K. Vale!

So today I am excited to welcome K. Vale to my blog. She has been kind enough to answer some questions for me. Well here goes nothing.
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Now back to our regularly scheduled program!

Vanessa: Why did you become a writer?
K. Vale: For the babes. Actually, the standard answer applies here—I was a voracious reader and loved writing stories and poems of my own as a kid. I went to nursing school with the intention of writing on the side and hopefully eventually writing fulltime.

V: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Why?
K: I’d love to go to Scotland and just have a week-long pub crawl with my husband sans kids. Why? Because Scottish accents rock, the Guinness kegs should have a much better turn-over rate than they had in Germany, and, hey, no kids.

V: If the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow would you be ready?
K: I think I’d do okay. The kids would slow me down, but like they say, you don’t have to be the fastest runner to escape the bear; you just have to run faster than the guy next to you. Sorry kids.

V: If you could meet anyone past or present, who would it be?
K: Elvis. Big Elvis fan, over here. I’d have him sign my chest and then never bathe again. Of course, anyone I showed would think I was a perv and a liar since the King is dead. Long live the King.

V: Where do you see yourself three years from now?
K: Oh god—it’s like The Picture of Dorian Gray. Make it stop! Please excuse me while I go apply more face cream.

V: What is the one thing your readers don’t know about you, but you wished to share?
K: Ummm. I was a track heptathlete in high school. And a band nerd. And in the Honor Society. I hung out with the party animals and the poindexters, was a teenage whore, and was voted class clown my senior year. I rigged the vote.

V: What is one of your favorite childhood or adulthood memories?
K: My memory sucks—or only seems to retain bad times—but I’m going to go with being pregnant with any one of my three hobbits and the awesome anticipation of meeting and naming my little people. It was a magical thing. And then they got bigger and start demanding the world, back-sassin’, and leaving clothes and toys everywhere. That pregnant glow thing is misleading, really. You think it’s gonna be a thousand Christmases all in one, but then every day is Groundhog’s Day.

V: If you could write with anyone past or present, who would it be? Why?
K: Gosh, I don’t know. I don’t think Hemingway would go for the smutty romance scene, but maybe I could tone down the smut. We’d make great drinking buddies. And I love polydactyl pusses. Yeah, we’d totally write at his house.

V: What is your favorite genre to read?
K: I love a good sci-fi or post-apocalyptic romance. Oh, and epic fantasy is like butter, baby. Butter.

V: What super powers would you have?
Wait. How many do I get? Actually, all I want is a time machine. My middle kid is a future engineer. I’m crossing my fingers he’ll build me one in a few years. Of course, I’ll have to sign an agreement not to erase him from history…

Thanks so much for having me, Vanessa! This was fun!

K. Vale writes erotic romance of all stripes, from hot hetero to mouthwatering manlove. Find her MF work published under Kimber Vale. Come for the sex. Stay for the story. Stalk Kimber on Facebook and Twitter @KimberVale, and check her site for updates, new releases, and freebies at http://www.authorkimbervale.com.