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Teaser Thursday: Mated

“Thank you for coming on such short notice,” Noah greeted his father and the Elders when they arrived.

“Not a problem. We were already planning to stop by to make sure everything is going as planned with Rachel,” Zeke answered for the group.

Noah followed his guests into the living room, taking a seat next to Mitchell on the sofa. Rachel had joined them as well, and once everyone was seated he prepared himself for all hell to break loose.

“I wanted everyone to meet as soon as possible to announce that I won’t be mating Rachel as originally planned. Rachel, you are a lovely woman and my decision doesn’t reflect negatively on you in any way,” Noah turned towards her with an apologetic smile.

“You agreed to this Noah, you can’t back out now,” Zeke growled.

“Watch it old man. I’m still Alpha of this pack,” Noah growled harshly, and Zeke had the decency to look sheepish. “I will not be mating Rachel because last night I claimed my true mate, her brother Mitchell.”

The Elders all began shouting at once. Their horrified and bigoted comments enough to tempt Noah to violence if they didn’t shut the hell up soon. To his credit, Noah’s father, hadn’t said anything yet, and Rachel sat in stunned silence while Mitchell’s steadying presence offered support.

“Enough,” Noah snapped. “I will address your concerns one at a time.”

“You can’t possible mate him, it’s unheard of.” Unsurprisingly, Zeke was the first to speak.

“It may be unheard of but let me assure you that it is very possible because we are already mated. Has your eyesight gone bad? You can clearly see my mating mark on Mitchell’s skin.”

“What about uniting the packs? If you aren’t going to mate Rachel it’s obvious you don’t have the best interest of the pack in mind.”

“That won’t be a problem, the packs can still unite. It must have escaped your notice that Mitchell and Rachel are siblings. I’m not answering any more question, we are going around in circles. Mitchell is my mate. End of story.” Noah was having a hard time controlling his wolf. It wanted to tear the Elders to shreds for doubting his mate.

“We will see how long you remain Alpha,” Zeke hissed.

The hairs on the back of Noah’s neck stood up. “Was that a threat, Elder? Let me assure you that I am fully capable of defending my status as Alpha and protecting my mate.” The power coming off Noah crackled in the air, demanding they turn their heads and submit to him. “I take care of my pack. I put their needs above my own. I was even willing to attempt to mate a female for them. You are the ones who are betraying the pack. Alphas are always stronger with their fated mates at their side. You will not tell me that I can’t mate Mitchell Goddamn it. He is my mate.” Noah felt his skin crawl as his wolf tried to come forward to eliminate the threat to his mate.

“Let’s take five minutes to cool off before something happens we’ll all regret,” Mitchell said as he stood and began to pull Noah towards the kitchen. His mate was seconds away from shifting. Before the kitchen door had time to swing close, Mitchell spun around and trapped Noah with an all-consuming kiss; the kind that makes you think of nothing else. After a couple of minutes, Mitchell pulled his mouth away. One minute Noah was about to kill someone and the next all he wanted was to find a bedroom and take his mate.

“Better?” Mitchell asked, his voice husky from their kiss.

“Hell yeah, let’s do that again.” Mitchell chuckled and turned to lead Noah back into the living room. “That’s not fair. First you get me all hot and bothered and then you make me go back to a room where I want to strangle half the occupants.”

“Think of it this way. The sooner we get this over with, the sooner we can go to bed.”

Noah followed Mitchell back into the living room. As far as he was concerned, this meeting was already over. The only question left to answer was if there would be bloodshed or not.

“I have a suggestion,” Zeke announced as soon as they were seated again.

Noah raised an eyebrow. He didn’t like the tone of Zeke’s voice, the man up to something. “I’m listening.”

“The obvious solution is to hold an Alpha challenge.”

“What!” Mitchell’s efforts to calm Noah shattered.

“Noah, just hear them out,” Mitchell whispered forcefully into his ear. Since Noah wanted heads to roll, he would have to be the one to keep the peace.

“We will select three wolves who we feel are better suited to the position of Alpha then you are to challenge them in the ring. Whoever wins will then fight your brothers Nathan and Nicholas. If the contender beats all three of you, then your family will no longer be the Alpha family, and he will be Alpha,” Zeke continued.

Noah wanted to gut the pompous ass. He watched as his father’s body stiffened and then relaxed. His father knew none of the challengers would defeat Noah. There was no reason to worry about his younger sons.

“All right. Choose who you want on these conditions. Once I beat the wolves you choose you will leave us the hell alone. From this point forward, anyone who doesn’t keep their mouths shut about my leadership, my mate, or any other same sex matings that occur, will have to find another fucking pack.” Noah would rather gut them then make a deal, but Mitchell obviously wanted to do things the old-fashioned way so no one would ever challenge them again.


Once they had selected a date for the Alpha challenge, the Elders left. Noah, Mitchell, Rachel and his dad were the only ones who remained. Rachel and his dad had been quiet throughout the entire meeting and Noah turned to Rachel now. “I am sorry things had to work out this way. I had intended to follow through with my promise to mating with you, and your brother had decided to leave, but I couldn’t let him go.”

“You have nothing to apologize for. I understand completely.”

Rachel looked disappointed but not terribly hurt and Noah was relieved. It wasn’t her fault and he didn’t want to cause her any pain. “You can stay as long as you like.”

“Thank you, I’m very happy for the two of you and will take you up on that offer. Unless you had something else to discuss, it’s been an eventful morning and I’d like to go to my bedroom and rest for a while.”

“No, nothing else, thank goodness.”

Rachel smiled at them pleasantly before headed to her room. Now the only person left to deal with was his father.


“I’m proud of you son. You stood up for your mate and what you believed in.”

“You’re not upset?”

“No, son. I want you to be happy, and it’s obvious that this young man does that for you.” To say Noah was stunned would be an understatement. He’d thought that his father agreed with the Elders’ plan to arrange his mating. “Yes he does Dad, more than you know. Thank you for understanding.” Noah was exhausted, and it wasn’t even ten in the morning.

Copyright © Vanessa Sims, 2015-2016


Out Now Mated and Conquered Mate!



The Red Moon pack is set in their ways and believe it isn’t possible for a man to have a male mate but Fate is about to show them the error of their ways.
Best friends since childhood, Ethan and Isaiah are both Betas in the Red Moon pack. They enjoy their bachelor status and aren’t interested in looking for mates. All that changes one fateful night when they discover they are destined for each other. Isaiah is ready to claim his mate, but Ethan resists their bond, afraid of how the pack will respond.
A passionate and strong Alpha, Noah is determined to lead the Red Moon pack into the future by modernizing how they relate to the outside world. Desperate to maintain control of the pack, the Elders have plotted against Noah for years. Their latest scheme is an attempt to force Noah into mating a power hungry female from another pack by threatening his younger brother. Noah vows to do whatever it takes to protect his brother, even if that means letting go of Mitchell, his fated mate.
Mitchell is overjoyed to find his fated mate, but convinces Noah to wait until after he escorts his sister to mate the Alpha of a neighboring pack to claim him. He is devastated when Noah suddenly rejects him and is determined to win Noah back when he discovers the Alpha his sister is promised to is his own fated mate.
When the Red Moon pack is threatened by Hunters, it becomes clear that someone has betrayed them. As the four men rally together to find the traitor and protect the pack they learn that attempting to deny destiny only leads to heartache and that fate never makes mistakes.

***Author Note
Fated Mate and Destined Mate have been combined as one book Mated. Though the story is still the same, there are some changes in the story, with the end result the same.
This content is for mature audience only. Contains m/m content.
Final Version

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Conquered Mate:

Conquered Mate AMAZON LARGE

Nathan is the Alpha Heir to the Red Moon Pack.
Which means, since Noah won’t be having any kids, that Nathan is next in line to be Alpha.

Sebastian is a Delta in the Red Moon Pack and is training to become Beta.
Sebastian is fine with his position in the pack and hopes Ethan and Isaiah never step down.

Ryan is a Hunter.
His parents were killed by a rouge shifter.

The Hunters have the Red Moon Pack on their radar and are plotting to take them down.

Can three very different men come together and save the Red Moon Pack from the Hunters or will Ryan be part of their downfall?

**Author Note
Conquered Mate is still the same story with extra to go with the first book in the series. You will want to read the first book Mated before reading this book. This content is for mature audience only. Contains m/m content.

Final Version

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Mated Out Now!


Did you know that Mated the first book in the Red Moon Pack series is out now? And followed right after it will be Conquered Mate out October 27th!

Sneak Peek:
Mitchell sat at the bar nursing his beer. He’d needed to get away for a while and decided to go to a bar that his pack didn’t own. If he had, the way his luck was running lately, someone would have walked in and wanted to discuss his sister, Rachel’s, upcoming mating ceremony. The pack was a flurry of activity as they waited for final confirmation from the other pack’s Elders. The situation had struck Mitchell as odd. He didn’t understand why their Elders had approached them in the first place. If the Alpha was interested in finding a mate, wouldn’t he want to look himself? He’d tried to talk to his father about his concerns but Thomas hadn’t thought anything was wrong.
Mitchell turned around on the bar stool, beer in hand, as two shifters walked in. He paused when his eyes landed on the man on the left. Something about him made Mitchell want to lie on his back, baring his stomach and throat. He knew the man was an Alpha, but there was more to it than that.
With his enhanced senses, Mitchell had no problem making out the other wolf’s features. He looked to be around six four, his tight t-shirt emphasizing the fact that he had muscles, lots of them, and that was a huge turn on. He shuddered as he imagined licking those defined lines after a night of rough sex and damn near came at the thought. Then their eyes met and he was enthralled by their emerald green color. The Alpha’s eyes stayed locked on his until his companion asked a question that broke their gaze. It took every ounce of his self-control to keep himself from approaching their table.
Draining his beer, Mitchell placed the empty bottle on the bar before heading to the bathroom. He walked to the sink and splashed water on his face. What the hell is wrong with me? Sighing, he placed his hands on the sink, bracing himself as he dropped his head forward. I need to get laid.
“Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing.”
The sexy wolf he had been drooling over was leaning back against the door.
“That I needed to getting laid.”
Oh, shit. I said that aloud. “Well, good luck with that.” Mitchell took a step forward, waiting for the man to move. When it didn’t look like he was going anywhere, Mitchell took another step forward. Getting a closer look at the wolf was a bad idea, and Mitchell barely bit back a groan. His eyes zeroed in on the other wolf’s plump lips, fuck if they weren’t a gay man’s dream come true. Mitchell could spend hours nibbling on the bottom lip alone. He took a deep breath, pulling the well-muscled man’s scent into his body.
“Oh, fuck me,” he whispered as the smell of strawberries went straight to his cock. He took an involuntary step forward, pressing their chests together.
“It looks like we both will be getting laid tonight,” his mate growled under his breath.
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