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3 x 3 WiP and Tag, You’re It

I’ve made some new author friends, and Addison Albright, my new friend, has tagged me in the 3 x 3 WIP tag-around. I’ve been seeing a version floating around Facebook where just the first line of each of the first three chapters is shared, but this version calls for the first three lines of the first three chapters, so that’s what you’re getting.

So I don’t know how many authors friends I need to tag, but I will tag Carly Rose, Ashley John, and Dean Frech.

This is from my current wip, A Fighter’s Heart, who is with the lovely Carly, looking for a release really, really soon.

Chapter One:

Dominic “The Animal” Bennett stumbled back, shaking his head after taking an elbow to the face from his opponent. He needed to get his head in the game if he wanted to beat Jeffrey and still keep his MMA Heavyweight title. After they traded a few kicks, punches, and elbows, the bell finally rang ending the five minute second round.

Chapter Two:

Dom had forgotten that Summer had text him earlier letting him know that they needed to talk.

“Is this a bad time?” Summer asked adjusting the baby on her hip as she began to fuss.

“No, come in.” Dom moved out of the way and tried to process when Summer had, had a kid.

Chapter Three:

Riley Hall looked at his watch for the fifth time in the past twenty minutes. Gabriel, his boyfriend of one year, was late for their dinner date again. Riley tried to hold in his sigh as he realized only two minutes had passed.

“Sir, would you like some more wine?”


Simple Saturday: Update

Ok so it’s me again. I know, I am rather iffy when it comes to blog posts, but I have sworn to myself to change that. I have a reminder on my phone to tell me to make the blog post for the next day. I know that’s really sad, but I find it to be helpful these past two days.

What the heck am I up to? If you check the blog and look in the corner where the little progress bars are, you know that A Fighter’s Heart is steady climbing up there. Although I haven’t updated it recently. At the time of this post, AFH is at 45242 words. I have also joined a critiquing group with some wonderful people and the ones working on AFH have given me some invaluable feedback on the story. I have a feeling this will be my best book yet. So if all goes to plan, and sweet baby Jesus, I hope that they do, I should have it published by mid-July or sooner, but let’s cross our fingers for mid-July though.

What comes after that, Loving His Mercenary will be released in the summer time as well. Then comes the next story in the Red Moon Pack series. Hopefully by then I will know if I want to write it like Mated, or if they will be two stand-alones.

I may have not been active with the blog, but I swear I have been writing.

Until next time.


Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

It is about that time. I’m sad to say 2015 just was not my year. Yes, I had my good moments, but I think the bad moments outshined the good ones. 2016 will be better (or I want a refund.)

So what will you see from me in 2016? Although  I hadn’t had as many releases last year, this year will be different. I will be working on last the book in the Mercenary in Love series, Loving His Mercenary. I know, I know, it’s a work in progress. I am hoping the beginning of Spring.

I am currently working on A Fighter’s Heart still, so with that I am hoping will be out mid to end of February.  Hopefully the real world won’t intrude on myself or my editor, fingers crossed. What you might not know is that it will be turning into a series with three books to it.

Conquered Mate will be in paper book, hopefully mid January. Followed by Cherished Mate. I am still working on the revisions. I don’t know if I want to add anther couple to it or give the couple their own short, short story. (I meant to put both shorts.) After that will be followed by Jeremy’s story and many more to come in that series.

Besides the main series I have out, there will be a few stand alones and hopefully the start of some new series.

This year I will try to do better with the social media, though I really don’t have the mind frame for it. Never know what to say or post in general. I’ll try harder though with at least one post a week, book related.

Here is to an awesome 2016!

I also have a new motto for myself, for those times that I feel discouraged.


I’m back!

Ok, so some people may have noticed that I have been MIA. I will start by saying that RL has been taking its toll on me. I’m talking about when you wake up and you are like today is going to be a good  day, I’m going to get this done, or today is the day it’s going to be perfect. I haven’t had a good day in a long time. It’s really sad. It got to the point where I literally didn’t have the energy to do anything. Worry and stress is a very bad combination.

Now it’s back to the regularly scheduled program. I’m done feeling sorry for myself, so I’ve been writing. What have I been writing you ask? Well Fated Mate and Destined Mate are finished, they are with my editor right now and I should have Fated Mate back really soon. Like I said before there will be major changes in those two books, but the story is somewhat the same. I am looking to release that one on August 10-20th. Don’t quote me on that, I have learned all to clearly how plans can change. I have finished the revisions for Conquered Mate, not too many changes, just need to type that up. I know I’m just going to add some scenes to Cherished Mate.

Also the title for Jack (Jake), I can’t remember his name and that is really bad, but Noah’s father and Shane’s story will be Unexpected Mate and I doubt it will be more than 10k words. Their book will basically be the set up for Jeremy’s story, which got the title Beloved Mate.

I am currently working on A Fighter’s Heart and I think it might be my first novel length book. Yay. After that I am going to hopefully start the next and final book in the Mercenary in Love series, Loving His Mercenary. Killian and Elliot’s story.

All I ask is to have some patience with me, I’m working on getting back on track. There are good things to come.

Thanks for all your support and love, until next time.

Red Moon Pack Update

I have been working on the Red Moon Pack. Yay I know right. The next book in the series will be Beloved Mate, Jack and Shane’s story. So as I am working, I talked to my editor and we had a long discussion. The conclusion of that discussion is the first four books will have some changes. Same story, just a different way about getting there, with a few things added in.

I’ve read the reviews, good and bad and I tried to incorporate those changes in. The first two books Fated Mate and Destined Mate will be changed the most, with Conquered Mate and Cherished Mate having add on to fit with the first two books.

Fated Mate and Destined Mate will be considered one book. I am tossing around the idea of Conquered Mate and Cherished Mate as one book as well, not sure yet. Once the new revisions go to my editor, the original work of the first two books will go on sale until I publish the new books, in such time the old ones will be taken down.

After that I hope to have Beloved Mate and the next book in the series out one after the other. Fingers crossed. I will also try to have them all ready by the middle of summer, hoping that real life doesn’t intrude to much.

I see great things for this series and I am grateful for all the support.

Fantastic News!

So I don’t know if you heard yet, but I found my flash drive! Well my 1 year old found it! I am over the moon and I can stop panicking now! The month of March is going to be awesome! If not, I want a refund or a do over!

Some more really fantastic news Freeing His Mercenary will be going on a Blog Tour next month!! I know right your wait is almost over. So if you want to participate you can fill out this form with DRC Promotions!


Don’t tell my editor yet, but she is in for a big surprise this weekend!

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

I think I might cry!

So the past week has not been kind to me at all.

It all started on Wednesday. I woke up with a tooth attach, that then turned into an abscess. Now I don’t know if anyone else has ever had one, but those suckers hurt and can get really bad. So needless to say, when I woke up Thursday morning the whole bottom half of the right side of my face was swollen to the point that when I was outside it had a shadow. To make it worse, I made a dentist appointment again.  The dentist could not take the tooth because my face was too swollen and the male dentist made it worse. The lady was gentle, I think the man was trying to see how much pain I could take and you never want to be considered an emergency at the dentist. I was.

They suggested I go to the ER. Which I did after my oldest daughter got out of school. This was around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. So I’m in the emergency room with three kids, that is fun all in itself, where I spent 9 hours there. That’s right. 4pm to 2am. At 12:30am I was trying to walk out, but that didn’t happen until 2.

So everything is fine after that and I will be a very happy person if I never have to see the inside of a hospital again anytime soon.

Now on Friday, I am looking  at book covers to get, I go to the folder where my flash drive is and low and behold my flash drive is not in my computer. Now I really want to cry because when I say it has ALL my book stuff, I do mean ALL. I have searched and searched and I can’t find it.

What does that mean for me? If I can’t find that bad boy I have to start from scratch, well not all the way because lucky for me I write it down as well.

So the moral of all of this story is, the past few days have sucked donkey balls and always, always back everything up. Oh and when you feel an abscess starting take your ass to the dentist, so they can nip that shit in the butt, real quick.

Everybody cross your fingers that I find that damn flash drive.

Great News!

So I talked to my editor and we are back on track. Freeing His Mercenary will hopefully be out Mid March and The Read Moon Pack out hopefully end of March, early April.

I’m truly sorry for the delay, but life throws you curve balls and you got to work with them. Though I hope this curve ball doesn’t happen again for a really long time.

Thanks for you’re support and more news will come with more details.


So I have a spot of bad news. Haha I always wanted to use spot in that way, but I am going to have to push back the dates of my books. My editor just had a recent death in the family. If you can keep her in your thoughts and prayers that would be great. When I get dates you will get dates.

The books are coming along great and if you are a big fan of the Red Moon Pack, you will love the rewrites for the first four books. I know for sure I will be changing the first two books around, same out come, but a different way of getting there. The last two I might just make longer no real big changes.

And for the Mercenary in Love series, well Christian and Rick are doing great, they just need to be typed up. I’m old school most of the time, using pen and paper. But after Christian and Rick Killian will be getting his story. Can’t wait to write his story.

Thanks so much for you patience  and support, you will never know how truly grateful I am for it.

Open for Registration!Euro Pride Con, The FIRST LGBT Fiction Convention on the European Mainland

Rainbow Gold Reviews

URGENT Euro Pride Con Update!

Registration is now OPEN. Follow this link to sign up: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Z7WHPF6

Please Read. And comment, so a lot of people can find out about this convention. If you have a blog or website and would allow us to talk about Euro Pride Con, please let us know per PM or at europridecon@gmail.com

Last year was the first time I ever attended a convention. After becoming a reviewer and being in close contact with so many amazing authors, bloggers, readers, editors, artists, … in this community, I just had to fly to England to attend the UK Meet and it was AMAZING.

It was also not completely cheap and to be honest at that point I would not have been able to afford it as student, if my parents hadn’t given me some of their frequent traveler miles.

Still, being from Germany I found it sad…

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